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It is without doubt one of the leading producers of electronic music Worldwide.

In 1996, motivated by the sounds of Hip Hop Dub and participated in various bands, funk and soul where he meets more closely the work of dj A later years for electronic music knows where it is immediately captivated by the sound of Green Velvet, Surgeon Pacou and others where it starts to make their first forays as a DJ of electronic music.
The year 2000 in Chile created his own electronic music club "Casa Club" with DJs & Producers from the likes of Villalobos, Luciano, Dinky, Casarano, Cristian Vogel, Derrick May, The Brothers Bucci, Dandy Jack, and many others, with whom he shared booth for more than four years.

In addition to participating in large events like Love Parede, Open Rave, Earth Dance and many others.

The year 2005 begins his first productions heavily influenced by the sounds of Detroit techno and soon get their first album in 2006 by the prestigious German label Force Tracks.
From there onwards his productions have been published worldwide, including Japan and America, and labels of international importance such as Safari Electronique – Desolat - Immigrant - Einmaleins - Whirlpool Musik - Rhythmetic - Workbench - Hohenregler - OFF - Kling Klong - Triangle - Viva Music Elevation Limited - Lust und Freude among many others.

Currently residing in the prestigious Club Santiago Beats (Santiago) Me Robo el Corazon (Viña del Mar) is where your audience gets to dance their sets with their sound euphoric and grooving rhythmic sound with influences from Detroit and elegance of the English House Tech. It is far one of the most respected DJs in South America.

Artist Title Label Year

Aldo Cadiz & Danny Serrano Black Berries Ep Kling Klong 2012
Aldo Cadiz Gitanez Ep Digital Traffik / Amazing 2012
Aldo Cadiz & Matthew Lima Lluvia de Verano Ep Carillon 2012
Aldo Cadiz & Vicente Juerga Snatch 2012
Aldo Cadiz Negrito Ven Snatch 2012
Aldo Cadiz Waripolazo Elevation Limited 2012
Aldo Cadiz Rakondra Ep Moan 2012
Aldo Cadiz Sere Ep Viva Music 2011
Aldo Cadiz Musica Maldita Hohenregler 2011
Aldo Cadiz Zaze Tripa Ep Jett Records 2011
Aldo Cadiz Balance Ep Lordag 2011
Aldo Cadiz & Matthew Lima Congregation Digital Traffik 2011
Aldo Cadiz Tengo C Ep Elevation Limited 2011
Aldo Cadiz & Michele Pinna Run Ep Triangle 2011
Aldo Cadiz & Francisco Alendes Esa Nena Quiere Ep Viva Music 2011
Aldo Cadiz Strasse Ep Desolat 2011
Aldo Cadiz All She Is Ep Workbench 2011
Aldo Cadiz Spanked Ep Lust Und Freu 2011
Aldo Cadiz All In One Ep Einmaleins 2011
Aldo Cadiz & Basti Grub Iris & Pequeño Ep Disco Royal 2010
Aldo Cadiz & Antonio de Angelis Thunder Off Spin 2010
Aldo Cadiz She Moved Ep Hohenregler 2010
Aldo Cadiz & Basti Grub Me Sabe a Porro Desolat 2010
Aldo Cadiz & Francisco Alendes Ya Tu Sabes Ep Limonada 2010
Aldo Cadiz Betitz Ep Workbench 2010
Aldo Cadiz Dont Ep Einmaleins 2010
Aldo Cadiz 10AM Safari Electronique 2009
Aldo Cadiz Js Cuba Rhythmetic 2007
Aldo Cadiz Semilla Ep Force Tracks 2006


Artist Title Label Year

Los Pastores Otro Sentido (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Oblack Label 2012
Sandro Beninati Noche Con Yanaf (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Enter Records 2012
MindReaders Marimba Ep (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Limonada 2012
Robot Needs Oil La Ley Del Retiro (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Klang Gymnastik 2012
John Stoongard Dedalo (Aldo Cadiz Remix) One To One 2012
Standard Fair Keep On (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Joyfull Family 2012
Carlos Toma No Se Oye (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Lost Land Records 2012
Oscar Barila & Maiki Press For The True Beatwax 2012
Ricky Erre Love Disco Ball (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Metroklang 2011
Nicco In Your Heart Recline 2011
Audiofly X Inside The Beat (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Revox 2011
Marco Fender Jetlag (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Lordag 2011
Pirupa & Albert Marzinotto Mexican Ep (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Pauls Boutique 2011
Marcelo Rosselot Viaje En Tango Ep (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Kling Klong 2011
Javi Under & Fabian Argomedo Mantra Ep Workbench 2010
Nicco Disco Bitch (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Recline 2010
Los Updates & Freddy Musri Acaso Quieres Venir (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Disco Royal 2010
Dani Casarano Rumba (Aldo Cadiz Remix) Whirlpool Sex Music 2008

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