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Berlin based, Argentinean born Leo Grünbaum (aka Grünbox) has been regarded as one of the most forward thinking, revolutionary underground producers out of South America. This multi instrumentalist trained musician has worked with a vast amount of bands and combos ranging from electronic to experimental, Funk, Jazz, Tango, Rock to Classical music. Releases on Trapez, Trapez Ltd., Desolat, CMYK, Eat More Beef, W iggle, NET28 and Lucidflow prove his ever expanding capabilities. His collaboration list includes works with Alex Under, Deepchild, Mark Henning, Lee Curtiss, Art Department, Matthew Dekay, Corrie, Nadja Lind, Guti, Damián Schwartz and Freaky Disco, among others.

With an intense and prolific career that has already started to prove an increasing popularity around the globe, Grünbox plays Live/DJ sets with his laptop (standalone or with various instruments) that manage to hypnotize dance floors throughout with his personal sound, slightly shifted away from straight techno towards a more groovy-sexy-tripy vibe.


Artist Title Label Year
VA Spice Cabinet Eat More Beef 2012
Grünbox Be Love Eat More Beef 2012
Grünbox & Corrie Big Mama Eat More Beef 2012
Grünbox Cafetero Trapez Ltd. 2011
Grünbox & Guti Patio de Juegos (Guti's album) Desolat 2011
Grünbox Share the Bong Trapez 2010
Grünbox Gira Techos Eat More Beef 2010
Grünbox & Corrie Bully Trash Eat More Beef 2010
VA Trapez 100 (part 2) Trapez 2009
Grünbox Wiscacho Bombay Trapez 2009
VA 2 Net28 2008
Grünbox Celeste, la Mimosa CMYK 2009
Grünbox Rosa, Ponte un Cubata CMYK 2008


Artist Title Label Year
Klartraum Dignity (Grünbox Remix) Lucidflow 2011
Deepchild Talk to Me (Grünbox Remix) Trapez 2011
Freaky Disco The Factor (Grünbox & Corrie Remix) Wiggle Records 2011
Mark Henning and Den Close Encounters of the Deep Kind (Grünbox Remix) Trapez Ltd. 2010
Damian Schwartz and Xpansul Sour Mood (Alex Under & Grünbox Remix) True Type Tracks 2010

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