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A classically-trained jazz virtuoso and national rock ‘n’ roll hero in Argentina, Guti was born in an exceptionally musical family, which included orchestra directors, saxophone players and pianists. His grandfather and uncles emigrated from Russia after the war. His mother, an education consultant, is from Uruguay. On long hot summers in that neighbouring country, Guti would steal hours alone at the piano (first teaching himself how to play at the age of five) in a big house belonging to his uncle. Finally, some years later, the family accepted that he could really play – and at the age of 12 a friend of his mother gave him his first jazz shock by challenging him to match Oscar Peterson’s performance on the Night Train record. During the rule of the El Proceso military junta, Guti’s family fled to cities in Venezuela and Costa Rica: a story arching across Latin America, France and Russia. As a child he soaked up poems and novels by Borges and Vargas Llosa and his father would sing him Cuban songs. He is influenced by the folk music of Argentina, which he says is both incredibly intricate and perfectly simple. 

As a teen, after getting into blues he began hanging with successful Argentine rock bands like the Black and Blues, Ratones Paranoicos, Viejas Locas and Los Piojos. “We were jamming, and I discovered that energy.” Before long, his own band Jovenes Pordioseros were playing to 10,000 people from Thursday through Saturday. But it’s not in Guti’s nature to stay locked in one mode of music. He made time to study salsa from a Cuban teacher on the side, as well as studying jazz under various teachers including internationally-renowned pianist Ernesto Jodos. It was in the studio of Latin Grammy-nominated producer and friend Leandro Martinez that Guti began experimenting with making house beats and singing on top. And having grown up with music, it didn’t take long before he was banging out several tracks a day without breaking a sweat. 

A heartbeat later, he’d landed a hit with Damian Schwarz on Frankfurt label Raum...Musik, and the tune was licensed by Loco Dice for his compilation The Lab. Guti passed a handful more tracks in Loco Dice’s direction, tracks that were recorded on his adventurous travels between Berlin, Athens and Paris in 2009 and the die was cast. Guti’s electronic career began to ignite. Just two years after his first live sets in Europe, Desolat was proud to present the double 12inch “Las Cosas Que No Se Tocan”. 

In 2010 Guti moved to Düsseldorf to hunker down in the studio to concentrate on the Guti Techno and House project. The result was his stunning debut album “Patio de juegos” released on Desolat. Since then the Latin-Düsseldorfer is taking the world by storm, with fulminant live sets and appearances on labels such as Defected (with Luca Bacchetti) and Cadenza (with Cesar Merveille). Although currently based in Düsseldorf, it’s unlikely he will ever leave behind the spirit of the Latin America he knows. “I love Buenos Aires. It’s a huge city... a huge jungle. Really fast, really crazy, dirty, messy. But really creative: amazing musicians. That happens with all the poor countries. We don’t have money, so we play music. We write books.” And the story continues.
Singles & EP´s Label Year
Respirarer EP (2 Tracks/with Solimano) Unlock Recordings 2007
Un Amor Asi Sueltito EP Unlock Recordings 2007
Piedritas (3 Tracks/with Alexis Cabrera) Minibus 2008
Dos Mojitos Bitte (with Alexis Cabrera) Monique Musique 2009
Ey You (3 Tracks) Eat more beef 2009
Asi Baila Damian (with Aleix Cabrera) Jagoo Records 2009
Las Cosas Que No Se Tocan (6 Tracks) Desolat 2009
You´ve got me (2 Tracks/with Ryan Crosson) Supplement Facts 2010
Hold me tight (2 tracks/with Shaun Reeves) Wolf + Lamb Records 2010
Every cow has a brid (3 Tracks/with Dubshape) Crosstown Rebels 2010
Time for a change (2 Tracks with Guy Gerber) Supplement Facts 2010
Esa Nena Quiere EP (2 Tracks/with Luca Baccetti) Defected 2011
Maayancholy (with Cesar Merveille) Cadenza 2011
Divertimento (B-Side/with Phonique) Systematics Rec. 2011
That Ginger Ponytail (with Davide Squillace) Hideout 2011
The Way I Feel (with Deniz Kurtel, Guti, Gadi Mizrahi) Double Standard Rec 2011
Keep it EP Saw Recordings 2012
Step EP (with Fosky) Crosstown Rebels 2012
Keep it EP Saw Recordings 2012
We are EP (with Livio & Roby) Saved Records 2012
Busuki (with Daniel Melingo) Intec 2012

Longplayer Label Year
Patio De Juegos (15 Tracks) Desolat 2011

Remixes Label Year
Alexis Cabrena - Hidrobios Unlock Recordings 2007
Mandy Jordan - Rolltypes Vekton Music 2007
Dirty Room - El Ocaso Unlock Recordings 2007
Figueroa - Pride Pop Attary Records 2008
Ahmet Sendil - Hardener Bosphorus Undergr. Rec. 2008
Dualism - Future technology Miniatura Records 2008
Omar Salgado - Pijama Beige Unlock Recordings 2008
Naidre York & Ahmet Sendil - Open up Bosphorus Undergr. Rec. 2008
Medu - New Voyage Miniatura Records 2008
Ed Wood - Remute 31337 Records 2008
Stefano Galbiati - La isla Blanca Monique Musique 2009
Solimano - De rosa Unlock Recordings 2009
Dirty Room - They will eat you Airdrop Records 2009
UES - Kantine Objazz 2009
UES - Kantine Objazz 2009
Wols - Bushmanns Oversized Vibe Highway Records 2010
Grunbox - Share the bong Trapez 2010
Glimpse - Things to do in Denver Crosstown Rebels 2010
Phonique - Perfect Stranger Dessous Recordings 2010
Steve Lawler - Gimme some more VIVa MUSIC 2010
Der Räuber und der Prinz - Jagd auf den Hirsch Desolat 2010
Mark Chambers & Inxec - B-Side Leftroom Records 2011
Ray Fox - Trumpeter Defected 2011
Audiofly - 6 Degrees Get Physical 2011
Pupkulies & Rebecca - You and me Rotary Cocktail Rec 2012

Track on Compilation Compilation Label Year
Muerita (with Alexis Cabrera) Restart Vekton Musik 2008
Ich kenne keine... (with Dirtyroom) Restart Vekton Musik 2008
Dualism - Future technology (Guti Remix) Miami 2008 Itzamma Rec. 2008
Figuerora - Pride Pop (Guti & A.Cabrera Rmx) Attary Com. Attary Rec. 2008
Salson (with Damian Schwartz) Ten Years Raum Raum...Musik 2008
Asi Asi (with Alexis Cabrera) Soul Power Rubber Band 2008
Dualism - Future technology (Guti Remix) Merry Christmas Miniatura Rec. 2008
Mofongo Help Esperanza 2009
Salson (with Damian Schwartz) The Lab 01 NRK 2009
Asi Baila Damian (Franco Cinelli Remix) Deep Underground 4 Budenzauber 2009
Asi Baila Damian (Andomat 3001 Remix) Budenzauber 7 Budenzauber 2009
Triciclos Budenzauber 9 Budenzauber 2009
Illustre A Beautiful World 9 Tretmuehle 2009
Illustre Double Vol. 2 Doppelgänger 2009
Triciclos Best of 2009 Gastspile Rec. 2009
Chiquitolina X-Sampler Desolat 2009
Wols - Bushmanns Oversized Vibe (Guti Rmx) Neo House Vol. 3 Scrambled Rec. 2010
Badabambu (with Damian Schwartz) Pedro Raum...Musik 2010
Time for a change (with Guy Gerber) Heartbeats Supplement Facts 2010
You´ve got me (with Ryan Crosson) Heartbeats Supplement Facts 2010
Speechless Theory 11 (with Audiofly) X-Sampler 2 Desolat 2010
Every cow has a brid (with Dubshape) ITH Defected ITH 2011
Every cow has a brid (with Dubshape) Blue Marlin Ibiza Dirty Dutch Rec. 2011
Speechless Theory 11 (with Audiofly) Pocket Records WOK Records 2011
Every cow has a brid (with Dubshape) Nassau Beach Club BigCityBeats 2011
Wanna be All gone Ibiza 11 Defected ITH 2011
Esa Nena Quiere (with Luca Bachetti) Battle Weapons 2011 Defected 2011
Finale (with Luca Bacchetti) Battle Weapons 2011 Defected 2011
Finale (with Luca Bacchetti) Bloomingdale 2011 Defected ITH 2011
Finale (with Luca Bacchetti) Most Rated Ibiza 2011 Defected ITH 2011
Esa Nena Quiere (with Luca Bachetti) Bargooves Summer Bargrooves 2011
Wanna be Cavo Paradiso 11 Refrazed Music 2011
Saudade (with Shaun Reeves) Lift Circus Komitee Ibiza 2011
Mark Chambers - Signal (Guti Remix) Amnesia Ibiza 2011 DJ Center 2011
Finale (with Luca Bacchetti) Sunset Sessions Defected ITH 2011
Option one (with Anthea) X-Sampler 2011 Desolat 2011
Finale (with Luca Bacchetti) Dragon-I in the house Defected 2012
Ray Fox - Trumpeter (Guti Remix) Sunset Sessions Defected 2012
Esa Nena Quiere (with Luca Bachetti) Sunset Sessions Defected 2012
La Orquesta de la buena (with Riva Starr) Bateria Fantastica Snatch! 2012
Divertimento (with Phonique) Electronic Groove Card 2 KNM 2012

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