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Since exploding onto European notoriety with his sex-drenched remix of Riva Starr’s ‘When I Was Drunk’, Horatio has hit the music fraternity with a bevy of pounding beats. After releasing two highly succesful eps : Sing with Swing and Ramayana (with his partners SINC) he continued his successful march by releasing in labels as Carillon , Definition Records , Monique Musique , Inmotion Music,Sleep is Comercial, Definition:Music and a 14 track album called MOMENTUM on his own imprimt called NATURAL RHYTHM .His fans have ranged from Vilalobos to Reboot, Heidi to Hawtin, with DJs across the planet enjoying his sassy interpretations of the razor sharp grooves of modern and also oldschool music.

Artist Title Label Year
Horatio How Much 909 Can You Take ? Desolat 2013
Horatio&Katoline feat Roland Clark Soulful Heart (Incl Dj Le Roi Mix) Definition:Music 2012
Horatio&Larisse Van Doorn Cuore (Incl. Rui Da Silva Mix) Quanticman Records 2012
Horatio&Insinio The Room (Incl. Alex Celler Mix) Definition Records 2012
Horatio&Katoline Mi Nombre (Incl Reboot Mix) Definition:Music 2011
Horatio Momentum (The Album) (Feat John Lagora , Los Updates,Boghosian) Natural Rhythm 2011
Horatio Man Not Machine Carillon Records 2011
Horatio&Freakme Born in 1931 (Incl. Pablo Cahn Mix) Quanticman Records 2011
Horatio Chicago Tales (incl. Darius Syrossian Mix) Natural Rhythm 2011
Horatio&Sinc Ramayana (Incl Carlo Lio Mix) Viva Music 2010
Horatio Sing With Swing (Inc. M.In&Bastian Schuster Mix) Viva Music 2009
Horatio Everygodfather Has A Godfather Monique Musique 2008
Artist Title Label Year
Christian Fischer Afrolove (Horatio Mix) Definition Records 2012
Asal BassBlues (Horatio Mix) Piekup Records 2011
Riva Starr I Was Drunk (Horatio Mix) Made To Play 2010
Jindo Summer Stories (Horatio Mix) Inmotion Records 2010
Guido Nemola De Bailar (Horatio Mix) Re-Vox 2010

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