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Without doubt, Pablo Bolívar remains one of the most inspirational and innovating artists of the Spanish electronic scene.

He has earned the highest respect with two of his essential albums “Anjanas” (2006) and “Recall” (2009). Both released on Regular label. 

He deserves the same credits for his singles releases and remix works, which done for several labels like: 8Bit, Domino, Plastic City, Absurd, Curle, Galaktika, Trenton, Proton, etc. and artists like Tigerskin, When Saints Go Machine, Juana Molina, Dave Dk, Brendon Moeller, Mikkel Metal, Kiki, Iron Curtis…

We do not forget his splendid parallel project called Pulshar together with Sergio "Afro" Sainz, with several releases, remixes and also two albums: “Brotherhood” (Phonobox 2008) and “Inside” (Desolat 2010), the presitigious label from Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich.

Pablo was made for making music, always with an attitude, always with quality as a standard.

He currently lives in Barcelona, teaching as a professor of Ableton Live in Mad Center, and managing Avantroots Records.

Artist Title Label Year
Pablo Bolivar Last Change Ep Galaktika 2012
Pablo Bolivar The Spark Curle 2012
Pablo Bolivar Summer Nights Justified Cause 2012
Pablo Bolivar Three Ways To Move Desolat 2012
Pablo Bolivar The Deep Collection Avantroots 2012
Pablo Bolivar White Lizzard Pastic City 2011
Pablo Bolivar Night Transfer Regular 2011
Pablo Bolivar Motion : The Ambient Works Album Avantroots 2011
Pablo Bolivar Kill Me Jato Unit 2011
Pablo Bolivar Parking 236 Elektrax Music 2011
Pablo Bolivar Recall Remixes Avantroots 2010
Pablo Bolivar This Side Down Chillin Music 2010
Pablo Bolivar Playing at Home Avantroots 2010
Pablo Bolivar Dynamo Ep Galaktika 2010
Pablo Bolivar Recall Album Regular 2009
Pablo Bolivar ION Cubic Capacity 2009
Pablo Bolivar Plastiline Justified Cause 2009
Pablo Bolivar Magnum Absurd 2009
Pablo Bolivar Looking for a Shape Hidden Recordings 2009
Pablo Bolivar Intenal Call Curle 2009
Pablo Bolivar Gold Series Vol.3 (Beat Pharmacy Rmx) Dpress 2008
Pablo Bolivar Gold Series Vol.2 Dpress 2008
Pablo Bolivar Gold Series Vol.1 Dpress 2008
Pablo Bolivar Curve Control Short Records 2008
Pablo Bolivar Korper Und Seele feat Garcynoise Justified Cause 2008
Pablo Bolivar Closed NRK 2008
Pablo Bolivar Sci Fi Winter Tales Regular 2008
Pablo Bolivar Simulated Physics Regular 2007
Pablo Bolivar Inmortality Galaktika 2007
Pablo Bolivar Artificial Data MIS 2007
Pablo Bolivar World Communication Galaktika 2007
Paper Elefante de Ante Minuendo 2006
Paper The Touch feat Garcynoise Justified Cause 2006
Paper Motor City Transmissions Dpress 2006
Paper Spectros de Invierno Pulsewith 2006
Paper Vertigo Bay Street 2006
Paper 75ml Galaktika 2006
Pablo Bolivar Anjanas Album Regular 2006
Pablo Bolivar Press Reset Regular 2005
Pablo Bolivar Exit Software 2005
Pablo Bolivar Tarantula Regular 2005
Pablo Bolivar Next Player Regular 2004
Artist Title Label Year
Nicson Violeta (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Galaktika 2012
Martin Patino Mindgames (Pablo Bolivar Plays The Game Rmx) Suara 2012
Pan Sancho She Is (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Body Parts 2012
Sensual Physics Futurology (Pablo Bolivar Rethink) Avantroots 2012
Monkey Brothers The Great Opposite (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Paralell 2012
Mastra Out of Nowhere (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Sirion 2011
Fabel Kurumi (Gabriel Le Mar meets Pablo Bolivar Redub) Avantroots 2011
Pelacha Funny Friends (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Red Sonja 2011
SCSI-9 De Spa (Pablo Bolivar & Hirotaka Miyamoto Rmx) Avantroots 2011
Audision Jetlag (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Between Us 2011
SCSI-9 Summariata (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Apparel Music 2011
Dessen Duo Deep Life (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Trenton 2011
Wooky Incii Skin (Pablo Bolivar Retouch) Lapsus 2011
Akin Khan Sentinel Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Organica 2011
Gorge Keya (Pablo Bolivar & Marice Aymar Rmx) 8bit 2011
Eartone Recovery (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Dubhe Recordings 2011
Mingroove Behind Scenes (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Tenebrae 2011
Mikkel Metal Loomer (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Avantroots 2010
Electribalt Enter (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Souliner 2010
Satore Followed by Time (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Avantroots 2010
Clickman Toxic (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Arkitextura 2010
Dich Move Mind (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Hypnotic Room 2010
Roll Off Artist Shit (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Push Up Muzik 2010
Nop, Hirotaka Miyamoto, Pablo Bolivar Whispered River (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Troplott Music 2010
When Saints Go Machine Pale (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Jato Unit 2009
Dactilar Inside the Core (Pabo Bolivar Rmx) Regular 2009
Filtered Boogie Essence (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Chillin Music 2009
Jaumetic, Citizen Cain Criminal (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Regular 2009
Ludovic Vendi Enviendo (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Sonat Records 2009
Billy Johnston Stas House (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Klimaks 2009
Citizen Cain Neglected (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Neverending Recordings 2009
Eelke Klejin The Night (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Proton 2009
Felipe Valenzuela & Fenanda Diaz Pijama Party (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Syndikaat Records 2009
Zero to Zero Hungertruck (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Thoghtless Music 2009
Hd Substance Store in a cool place (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Overflow Records 2009
Nop Mouse House (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Frame Tokio 2009
Nygel Reiss Universal Bank (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Bavaria Recordings 2008
Pulshar KMS (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Phonobox 2008
Pulshar No Meditation (Pablo Bolivar Solar Mix) Phonobox 2008
Cbass & Mikobene Super Pussy (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Elevation Records 2008
Dirty Thieving Mongrels Alsation Nation (Pablo Bolivar Remix) Blurred Vision 2007
Monoroom We Are Plastique (Pablo Bolivar Silicone Mix) Absurd 2007
2 Rare People Sleep Less (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Permissive 2007
Luna City Express REM (Pablo Bolivar & Garcynoise Remix) Justified Cause 2007
Xpansul Lonesome Cowboy (Paper Remix) Discos De Lata 2006
Groove Agents Get Closer (Pablo Bolivar Rmx) Justified Cause 2005

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