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At an age when most kids are discovering video games and girls, German production wizard Frank Heinrich, aka Reboot, was making tracks on studio equipment he bought with his pocket money. This precocious talent was nurtured by illicit nights out at Sven Vath’s infamous and influential Omen club in Frankfurt, where Reboot grew up.

Despite Reboot’s early indoctrination into tough techno sounds he draws on diverse musical influences. As a producer his approach borrows liberally from across the musical spectrum from jazz to world music to classic house. Alongside friends like Chris Tietjen, Robert Dietz and Markus Fix he now spearheads ‘the new sound of Frankfurt’. The result is what Reboot calls ‘complex polyrhythmic architecture’. Dancefloors call it dynamite.

Reboot has evolved as an artist without ever losing the initial rush of passion that pushed him out of his house and into the arms of electronic music. In a career spanning early collaborations with Marco Delle Done, as Delle & Heinrich, to his current incarnation as a hugely in-demand solo artist, he has released classic records on labels such as Connaisseur, Supplement Facts, Combi Int, Moon Harbour, Renaissance, Cecille and of course Cadenza. His inquisitive musical nature pushes Reboot to experiment constantly, developing into a compelling performer equally at home behind the decks or playing live, and who travels effortlessly from temples of techno such as Womb, Tokyo; Fabric, London and Cocoon, Frankfurt to intimate clubs such as Robert Johnson and Brazil’s legendary D-Edge, without losing its energy and power to move.

Reboot’s career went interstellar in recent years with the anthemic Charlotte on Below, and his Cadenza debut Be Tougher which became one of the highlights of Luciano’s Fabric 41 mix. Firmly aligned with the Cadenza camp, Reboot is an essential ingredient in the live show Æther, whose futuristic combination of sound and visuals is a perfect representation of Cadenza’s ethos of combining the sensory with cerebral, audio with emotional. Fans and record labels alike have taken note of Reboot’s rise, resulting in invitations to join Cocoon’s 2008 Disco Invaders compilation along with Johnny D and Chris Tietjen and – in 2009 – to mix the epic ‘From Frankfurt to Mannheim’ compilation for Cecille Records.

Twenty-ten is set to be a definitive year for Reboot with the release of his eagerly awaited debut artist album Shunyata on Cadenza Records. The distillation of two decades immersed in music, Shunyata is the sound of an artist in full command of his medium, mingling intelligent, exotic, articulate sound structures with the propulsive, dancefloor consciousness that has won him fans all over the world. The word ‘shunyata’ means ‘emptiness’ but as thrilled listeners will surely agree, Reboot has redefined the word for the 21st century with the fullness of Shunyata.

Artist Title Label Year
Reboot Shunyata LP Cadenza Recordings 2010
Reboot Beautiful Parasite Cadenza Recordings 2012
Reboot & Jay Haze I wait for you / My baby knows Contexterrior 2010
Reboot Into Oblivion EP OSLO 2010
Reboot Rambon EP Cadenza Recordings 2010
Reboot / Damian Schwartz Hallo Sweden / La Voz OSLO 2009
RV ft. Los Updates Baile / Caminando Sei es Drum 2009
Reboot Ronson / Mirrsierra Cocoon Recordings 2009
Reboot Enjoy Music Defected 2010
Reboot Sidekick EP Below 2008
Reboot Assign the Source / We Funk Motivbank 2008
Reboot Be Tougher / Letters Cadenza Recordings 2008
Frank Heinrich / Reboot 36 Inch EP Below 2007
Reboot Charlotte / Clear Motion Below 2007

Artist Title Label Year
Marshall Jefferson The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body) (Reboot Remix) Ultra Records 2012
Various Cruisin (Reboot Lays Down the Kneel Rework) Peppermint Jam 2011
Dualton Formula (Reboot Remix) Defected 2011
Mathimidori & PI-Ge Konomama (Reboot Remix) Raum...musik 2011
Santos Primitive Cannible (Reboot Remix) Monique Musique 2011
Marc Antona Not the Fool (Reboot Remix) Dissonant 2011
Horatio & Katoline Mi Nombre (Reboot Remix) Defenition:Music 2011
Spencer Parker I Think I Love You (Reboot Remix) Rekids 2011
Frederric Hecker Funk Star (Reboot Remix) OFF Recordings 2011
Frivolous C:/My Consciousness (Reboot "Rebuttal" Remix) Cadenza Recordings 2010
Juana Molina Un Dia (Reboot Remix) Domino Recordings 2010
Tiefschwarz Babel (Reboot Remix) Souvenir 2010
Fuckpony I'm Buring Inside (Reboot Remix) Bpitch Control 2010
Samuel L Session The Soloist (Reboot Remix) Be As One 2010
Luna City Express Parish Fair (Reboot's Catch the Bus Remix) Moon Harbour 2010
Harrison Crump Deep Down Inside (Reboot Remix) Cocoon Recordings 2010
Adultnapper & Mr.C Keep Off (Reboot Remix) Poker Flat Recordings 2010
Calculus Loosey Goosey (Reboot Rework) Hairy Claw 2009
Livio & Roby Return of the Jack (Reboot's Konsti 45 in 95 Mix) Viva Music 2009
Sven Palzer & Patrick Zigon Jazz or No ? (Reboot Remix) Puzzle Traxx 2009
C-Rock pres. Stardub The Source (Reboot Remix) Lo-Fi Sereo 2009
Manon Inkulu (Reboot Remix) Terminal M 2009
DJ Dove Roots & Culture (Lakeof Remix Reboot & Meat) Below 2009
Sebo K Saxtrack (Reboot's Twisted Fist Remix) Cécille Records 2009
Matthias Tanzmann Love-Shaped Feeling (Reboot Rework) Moon Harbour 2008
Timos Vendor (Reboot Remix) Sonido 2008
Wareika Men Village (Reboot's Woman City Rework) Connaisseur Supèrieur 2008
Larsson Ruanda (Reboot Remix) Rotary Cocktail 2008
Alex Flatner Ft.Lopazz Perfect Circles (Reboot's put your Arm Next to it Rework) Circle Music 2008
Maus & Stolle Adore ( Lakeof Remix Reboot & Meat) Klang Elektronik 2008
Guy Gerber Disorientation (Reboot's Clik and Gogogo Rework) Supplement Facts 2008
M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade O Superman (Reboot's 20 Cubans Rework) Get Physical Music 2008
Kreon & Lemos ft. Cookie Roza (Reboot Brady Remix) Be Chosen 2007
Kreon Shake N Make (Reboot Remix) Below 2007

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