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As one of its resident DJs, sebbo has put a decisive mark on Würzburg‘s airport Club. For him, the club turned out to be springboard for a great DJ care- er. It already started at the Würzburg Independent Club ‚Metro‘ at the end of the 1980s when he made his DJ debut with Acid House and the EBM sound of groups such as Front 242. This was soon followed by his own radio show with Würzburg‘s first radiostation (W1) where his W1 Master Mix turned out to be one of the first Techno-DJ-Mix programmes in Germany. In 1992, Sebbo took over from his friend and DJ col- league Mirco Betz as resident DJ at the Airport Club. After Mirco‘s return from the USA they founded the notorious DJ Team Shoot Squad, jointly running the Saturday night programme. After chalking up great success with their legendary Noise Club, they separated in the mid-90s with Sebbo shaping his own solo DJ career. In 1997, he established another radio show with the Saturday Radio Gong Clubnight featuring some very popular sets. At the end of 1998 he took on regular DJ engagements at the Düsseldorf Poison Club and the Munich Nacht- werk with its Electric Delicate Events. These connections lasted for more than five years. Without any doubt, some of the highlights of Sebbo‘s career were his appea- rances at the great raves which were so popular at that time: Mayday 1997 and 2003. Since 1997, Sebbo has cooperated with Partysan. Numerous party series such as Rave&Snow, Rave&Cruise and ‚Thai-Break‘ gave him the opportunity to spread his sound all over the globe. Since May 2001 he has staged his own Soundkitchen – Sebbo &Friends programme at the airport Club. From 2002 to 2007 he DJed at regular intervals at India‘s most fashionable clubs and enjoys great popularity with Asian party people. His latest release, Watamu Beach on Loco Dice‘s label Desolat was one of the 2008 Ibiza summer hits. It was played and charted by well-known DJs around the world. The track features on many top-notch mix CDs, among others on ‚10 years of Circo Loco‘, the birthday CD of DC10, Ibiza‘s most legendary club which Sebbo has rocked with his sound several times.
Artist Title Label Year
Sebbo SYNTHETIC PROGRESS harthouse 1995
Sebbo Q-Tips Kaos Records 1995
Sebbo I need a freak Ganovy Records 1997
Sebbo Rolle vorwärts Planet Vision 1998
Sebbo Gottesweg 56 Planet Vision 2001
Sebbo sound files kiddaz fm 2001
Sebbo moonraker - tools control Planet Vision 2001
Sebbo security system 3.2 Planet Vision 2001
Sebbo airport departure clubsounds mix-CD Vol. 1 Planet Vision 2001
Sebbo diamonds & pearls phono elements 2002
Sebbo harmonix federation of drums 2002
Sebbo no entrance black nation 2002
Sebbo exfolating body scrub Planet Vision 2003
Sebbo not insane habando 2003
Sebbo sebbo-messina Planet Vision 2003
Sebbo even & odd phono elements 2003
Sebbo mit Leib und Seele LP Planet Vision 2003
Sebbo never want another fullscale music 2006
Sebbo chunky fudge trackdown 2006
Sebbo beirut boogie liebe*detail 2007
Sebbo watamu beach desolat 2008
Sebbo apache soulbox 2009
Sebbo elephanze ce danze souvenir plus 2009
Sebbo & Denis Gökdag transistor tango "souvenir in the city vol. 1" souvenir 2011
Sebbo tell the dj´s what to play souvenir plus 2011
Sebbo & Da Ragnio fourteen years soulfooled 2012
Sebbo & Denis Gökdag Caracas "VADER II" suruba 2012
Sebbo anyway circle music 2012
Sebbo & Da Ragnio so down " CRIBS VOL 1" soulfooled 2012
Sebbo sugar kane "Mixtape" circle music 2012


Artist Title Label Year
Sebbo i need a freak sebbo & wood RMX Ganovy Records 2004
HD Substance fruta sebbo RMX shareware Records 2004
Björn Wilke what if sebbo´s don´t gamble with marijuana mix Kaato 2009
Coyu sebbo my house is your house mix suara music 2009
Rich nxt sebbo kubithing RMX mighty rumble 2009
Luc Ringeisen sebbo 2 in a box mix hypercolour 2009
Alex Flatner & Lopazz sticky fingers RMX cocoon Records 2010
D. Esperanza & C. Koehler sebbo & agent RMX Mainakustik 2011
Milkwish sebbo relajate RMX Natura Viva 2011

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