So Long Reptilians
Desolat X
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Francisco Allendes
02:53 min
Francisco Allendes
05:08 min
Francisco Allendes
06:34 min
4.  El Regreso de los Abuelos
Francisco Allendes
02:20 min
Francisco Allendes
08:46 min
6.  Amigos del Planeta 12
Francisco Allendes
07:34 min
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Following his well-received Animals EP with Paola Poletto on Desolat in the summer 2012, Loco Dice’s imprint is pleased to welcome back Francisco for a solo EP that sees him continue his fine production form. 

Kicking off with The Magician Francisco takes the listener all slightly different journey with a more experimental sound. The track’s vocal sample conjures up an almost warped reality and offsets the deep emotive music that accompanies it.
Superwave Theory is a more aggressive track, tinged with futuristic sounds that are underpinned with a chugging rhythm and a ghostly vocal loop, this has been a favourite for Desolat boss Loco Dice for a while.
El Regreso de los Abuelos is a more delicate and intricate affair and serves as a beautiful complement to the tracks that are wrapped around it. Lush ethereal sounds provide a sonic extradition for the listener. 
The Chilean producer picks the tempo back up with Ascension 101 that features a  warm all-encompassing bass that is punctuated by spattering’s of harmonious progressions. A polished production  that will be used to build the atmosphere in many a club.
Finally Amigos del Planeta 12 is a jumpy punchy track with a swinging tempo that oozes an after-hours ethos. 
Francisco is tipped for big things, and through this demonstration of his own rich musical palette and a well-crafted studio excellence, one can see why.