What About The Vice
Desolat X
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1.  What About The Vice
Davide Squillace
9:37 min
Davide Squillace
4:25 min
3.  The Other Side Of Bed
Davide Squillace
7:16 min
Davide Squillace
9:36 min
5.  Illusive Reality (digital exclusive)
Davide Squillace
6:07 min
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Desolat are proud to present Davide Squillace. The rain might be slow to depart in Northern Europe, but this spring release from prolific DJ, producer and a stand-up friend of the Desolat family Davide Squillace should help to transform any lingering clouds into smoke-like cirrus swirls. Time to warm up for summer!"What About The Vice” is an urgent, bouncy, hissing number to take the dancer deep. “On The Road” ditches the kick and goes even deeper with scattered drum samples, and toms that sound like they were recorded inside a water reservoir - perfectly suitable for gazing out a rain-slicked window at acid green leaves. “The Other Side Of Bed” goes into overdrive with a cracking snare, house bassline, and faint appearance of ghostly synth pads - while “Cubism” has a jarred, airy vibe, drum mallets at the ready on a metallic jangling groove. The entire release is peppered with breathy samples and heart-tugging rhythmic flourishes, which is pure Squillace, and pure Desolat, too. The 12″ comes on colored vinyl with artwork by our man Florian Pohl and will remain a collectors item.